Best project management tools for bloggers in 2020

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5 min readOct 28, 2020

What is the best project management tools for bloggers? We are living in an era, where most of the things has been digitized. Most of the working processes have been shifted from manual to bots. Like, previously, people who were competent in writing used to write columns and share their views and reviews in the newspapers. But, today, people are more into blogging.

Blogging is not a new term, as people have been blogging since the internet’s birth, and now it has become a common trend that every next person is a blogger. But, if you want to become a successful blogger, you have to have massive traffic over your blogs, which is not possible without having spicy content, special tools, and the perfect knowledge to run a website.

This article will discuss one of the essential tools for bloggers, i.e., project management tools that will help bloggers manage their blogs successfully. Before discussing the best project management tools for bloggers, let me help you to understand what project management tools are and why they are used for?

Project management tool overview

Project management tools are made to effectively help their user organize their work and manage different tasks and projects. They are designed in a way to meet the needs of its users. These tools can easily be customized, so they can fit into your requirements to perform different goals.

Core features of project management tools

Here we highlight some main features of project management tools, but this doesn’t mean that these tools are limited to only the following features.

  • Helps in collaboration: since email has been mostly used as a source of communication but with these tools, you have a wide range for communication like you can assign different tasks, add comments, dashboards organizing, and they are also used for approval and proofing.
  • Works as a documentation tool: taking care of large numbers of files is almost impossible without help as they can be misplaced easily. These tools offer you file management features in order to avoid missing files. You can also go editing and versioning of the files, and file storage is not a big issue any more with these tools.
  • Evaluation: they help report the track and assess productivity.
  • Planer: if you think you won’t be available to post your task on a specific date, then you can take help from these tools to plan your posts, tasks, subtasks, templates, folders, calendars, and workflows on your behalf.

So far, we have reviewed the basic information regarding project management tools; now, we will discuss the best project management tools for bloggers.

Blogging is not as simple as a piece of cake as you have to look after a series of tasks to be done, handle the comments from the visitors, guest posts, backlinks, and many other things that will consume your time if you start handling them all by yourself. will be your helping hand in managing all these tasks, to-do lists, and contacts list very proficiently and in a much tidier way. The best part is that is directly integrated with Gmail, which allows you to communicate with your link building targets, and you can also update your status in just a single click. With, you can get rid of your messy spreadsheets of work folks because it offers you an import feature to maintain your Excel/CSV sheets. offers you endless possibilities of integration that will uplift your business. There are many bloggers that connect with different portals and software like Mailchimp, GitHub, and many others to get easy access as well as track and maintain records of their mails and tickets. provides you the easiest way to move at a faster pace and make more money. Sounds interesting. Right?


ClickUp is my favourite project management tool. The reason being for their ordering of projects. It’s a simple feature, but very few project management tools offer this feature. It makes it possible for me to get an overview of multiple projects in one view. And if I want to get an overview of a single project, it’s of course also possible.

I believe another unique feature they are doing great by, which I’m still exploring, is their integrations. If you are a blogger which works in multiple software, then there is a high possibility that ClickUp integrates with them. These integrations make it possible for you to manage multiple software, when staying within ClickUp.


One of the best power management tools that are versatile in its action and offers its users a platform for collaboration so that they can work with ease, speed, and efficiency.

Some people think that blogging is as easy as ABC, but in reality, it’s not. When you are running a business, you have to take care of a lot of things. But, this tool is your lifesaver as it will not only help you in simplifying your project planning but also allows you to centralize streamline workflow and communication.

If you are a blogger or working with a team, Wrike will be your ideal pick as it will help you collaborate and manage your work altogether.


If you are looking for a power management tool that will help you in collaboration and guide you about the works on your website that need to be done at one glance, then is for you.

With the help of this powerful tool, you can manage or organize your task of any size. As a blogger, you know that you have a lot of visitors visiting your website and commenting on your work and blogs daily. Trello will help you to manage those comments and other related tasks. Moreover, you are not limited to using Trello on your pc only.

This tool is portable and straightforward, and you can operate it through your smart phones and can carry anywhere and operate from any laptop and pc through the web. Trello will help you to create checklists, add any comments, and upload the file attachments. Also, you can add the due dates and labels, too, with the help of Trello.

If you want to keep your website updated, Trello is the best pick for you.


However, blogging is not just writing and sharing your thoughts and information with others; it is more than that. If You want to power up and run your blogs smoothly, you can go for any of the power management tools mentioned above. These power tools will lift your blogging techniques and help you to engage and manage more traffic by planning, adjusting, and monitoring, optimizing your data at a single platform. Also, these tools will give you versatility and power to see massive results.

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