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Phillip Stemann

You have designed a fantastic digital marketing strategy or campaign, but how would you measure its effectiveness? This is where link tracking comes into the picture.

Tracking links are one of the most popular strategies used in marketing to determine the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and activities. Without link tracking, you would be clueless about where the traffic on your website is coming from.

Have you ever wondered why your traffic increased and where your new customers come from, or how effective your marketing campaign or strategy is? All your questions have one answer; link tracking. …

Are you still struggling with your website ranking on the search engines? Ever wondered why despite applying all the SEO strategies your website isn’t ranking? It is natural after you have built up your website and content, all you would want is to drive organic traffic to it and to rank it on search engines.

However, just launching a website will not automatically rank your website on search engines. It requires meticulous effort and time to make your website rank and even get it to be visible on Google. Along with applying other ranking strategies, you might have forgotten or…

Ever wondered what you would do if you update a plugin or a theme on your WordPress website and suddenly you get the white screen of death? If you’re smart you have backups of your website, however you’re now in a situation where you can’t update your plugin and theme without your website being down until you fix it. And can you imagine the level of difficulty or confusion your visitors will face in the meantime? All this will end up bad for your visitors and even your SEO as your website is basically useless until you’ve fixed the issue.

So you have started a small business and are all set to touch the sky. You would want your business to flourish by leaps and bounds; however, deep in your mind, you know that it would require legitimate struggle.

Sure, you have an exceptional product, but not necessarily a proper sales team to promote your product. And as a small business, you really need to be creative in your marketing as you don’t have a huge budget or team to do it for you.

This is where customer testimonials come into the equation.These …

It’s a Saturday night, and you’re walking down the street for a fantastic weekend dinner. There are eight restaurants in a line where six have people eating, and two are completely empty. Where do you prefer to go? The ones that have people in it or the completely empty ones?

You and most people would choose the ones that have people in it without even thinking much. Is it just a coincidence that people would like to try the ones that have customers in them? No! It is because of the psychological phenomena known as social proof.

What is social proof?

Simply put, social…

When it comes to creating a strong SEO strategy for your website it is essential to increase your search rankings in popular search engines like Google and Bing. Besides blogging, if you want to promote your content/products on social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook, you also need an SEO strategy to compete with your opponents.

Above all, if you want to sell your products on the world’s leading online shopping platform Amazon, you need an SEO plan to be in the top organic search results when someone searches for the product you are selling.

Why do you need an SEO strategy?

If you want your content…

Over time, technology has become more advanced, leading to increased use of online platforms for business purposes. It doesn’t matter if you are a blogger using WordPress, a webshop owner or a website owner, Yoast SEO has always been a popular choice when it comes to ranking your website, as Yoast SEO plugin is available for free with amazing features that you can’t resist to get your hands on, and so far it has proved to be the best choice for beginners.

However, this free SEO plugin is not limited to beginners only, but because of its advanced set of…

If you are a website owner, you would undoubtedly want to improve your search engine rankings. There are many ways like choosing an efficient hosting service, installing caching plugins, adding backlinks etc.

One of the quickest and most effective ways to speed up your website, is to use a Content Delivery Network also known as a CDN. The website which loads fast, has a higher opportunity to rank better and do good in terms of search results.

A well-integrated CDN works like a charm in increasing your website’s speed, overall user experience and ultimately your website’s ranking.

What is a CDN?

A CDN refers…

Social media is not a new thing for us. Two decades ago, when the Internet began to flourish, Google created a very popular social media platform and gave it the name Orkut. Even before Orkut, there were some other social media like My Space, Friendster, and many others but, after Facebook’s launch, all previous social media platforms were closed.

This doesn’t mean that we only have Facebook as a social media platform because, over time, several new platforms like Instagram and Twitter have emerged and have become very popular in a short period of time, with more than 1 billion…

They say, “A single image is enough to tell the whole story”, which means that you don’t have to use thousands of words to define your point of view when you are using an exemplary image. Research says that people are more attracted to visual content than to written content.

Similarly, as a reader, I would prefer to read such articles with appealing images, or you can say I see the image first; if it attracts me, then I read the whole article. With this statement of mine, you can judge how a picture would significantly influence your entire content…

Phillip Stemann

I am a web developer with 10+ years of experience. I believe that every project existing in the digital world is a result of an idea and every idea has a cause.

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